We've just received samples of our new look gifting! 'The Body Double' kits will soon be joined by others that offer our best selling hand wash and hand balm as one. Fingers crossed they'll be with us before Christmas... 

"With beautiful paired back packaging, you'll want to show the range off, not hide it in the bathroom cabinet."

We've made it onto the pages of GQ Australia accompanied by some very nice words from it's editor. Ceri David is a gentleman for sure.

It makes sense that our botanical formulations now sit amongst the plants and oversized pots at Garden Life. Thanks for having us Richard!

When leaving the office today the hallway offered up some backlit beauty for a body cleanser in hand.

Don't Look Back in Amber

…and the closest to home so far is definitely The Design Hunter.

Something odd has happened to our local. Once known only for a half decent St Vinnies the strip at Charing Cross is now lined by some really great stores.

The Design Hunter recently took it's styish wares across the road to bigger digs. It’s just the sort of place that we love Leif to call home.

The closest stockist to our design studio so far is The Collector Store

Just around the corner on Crown it's a beautiful store curated by Nike & Chris. Thanks for having us!




'I want to eat my own hand!' After trying out the formula for the first time one lovely lady made the case that too much of a good thing is never enough.

Spurred into action and we've just received our Kakadu Plum & Macadamia Nut Hand Balm as 500ml. 

Sometimes we get some pretty random requests, this just in... 

We've been sampled! Three Leif favourites have just been filled into some very handy 10ml tubes. We hope they'll help our formulas find many more fans, some are destined to appear in a great little promo about to be released. More to follow...

Last night we dressed the windows of Carousel to announce that Leif has finally landed in 2026. Once the window decals had been applied we filled them up with product illuminated from below by strip lighting which makes for quite a sight at night. Many thanks Jessian for the invite!

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